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The Opportunity

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Who We Are

For more than 20 years we were dedicated to creating a Feeling, sparking an Energy, or maybe some would even say a Movement, symbolized through a Logo and Slogan, 

“Life Only Makes Cents, When You Make Change!”


The Goal? To inspire as many of our family, friends, and associates as possible, to “Create.Positive.Change” firstly within themselves, and then in their community! For the last 10 years or so we’ve been at the drawing board figuring out how to now offer this opportunity to anyone around the world who would like to join, own, and also BE a part of TheMPACK!




We invite everyday people to join us as we create positive change and bring socioeconomic balance to our MPACK Communities by providing access to opportunities, global networks, and funding for innovative Projects, Events, and Ventures (PEVs). 

As we bridge the gap for this need, Equity GroupFunding (Crowdfunding) is at the core of The MPACKxCHANGE Platform, a private members only impact investing financial exchange providing investors an opportunity to Make an MPACK (Impact) Investment.

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