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League of Entrepreneurship -
Corporate & League Management:

At TheMPACK League of Entrepreneurship, we are an Autonomous Global Network (TMAGN) that brings together entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, spanning diverse backgrounds, industries, and sectors. “A League where the teams don’t compete, they collab!”

Our unique network operates autonomously, allowing members to connect, collaborate, and thrive in a truly borderless entrepreneurial ecosystem. Members “play” in the League via Associated Brands & Causes (ABCs).

Corporate & League Management

Corporate/League Mgt. 

Each TeamMPACK Market, agreed upon by TheMPACK List Commission - TMLC ("League Office"), will have Governors, Governors Group - GMs, and Editor in Chiefs as Corporate/League positions, overseeing that Markets ABC Committee (''Front Office"), while working directly with the Commissioners Office on innovation, status, and progress in relation to their “MPACK List”. 


Oversee ("run") the TeamMPACK City/Area they have been aligned with based on their market. Selected by TMLC "League Office."

General Managers

Manage the operations of the TeamMPACK City/Area they have been aligned with based on their market. 

Editor In Chiefs

Manages the TeamMPACK social media page as an online magazine showcasing the associated brands & causes, as well as other businesses, brands, and organizations in their market.

ABC Committee Members

Advisory committee working together to nominate ("MPACK List") ABCs. ABC Committees members primary initiative is to maintain best practices for supporting the ABCs in their market, organizing activities, scouting, managing points of contact, and acting as a liaison between the ABCs, Governors Group, and TMLC “League Office."

ABCs/BBOs = Players in the League 

Associated Brands & Causes, (Business, Brands, and Organizations) that have been drafted as players in The League. These businesses receive support, advice, endorsement and potential investment from The League (TheMPACK) to accelerate their impact and success. While participating in the Shared Equity Ecosystem (Platinum).


Each TeamMPACK Corporate/League position (Gov, GGM, EinC) will work directly with TMAGN Marketing & Sales counterparts (Brand Manager, Market Campaign Manager, Chief of Staff).

TMAGN Brand Managers

Define and manage the overarching brand strategy for their TeamMPACK Market, as well as TheMPACK League of Entrepreneurship as a whole.

Market Campaign Managers

Lead the planning, execution, and optimization of marketing campaigns. Drive sales, revenue, and market demand. Promote TeamMPACK initiatives, events, and partnerships. Develop targeted campaigns that resonate with key audiences. Drive engagement and participation within the League.

TeamMPACK Chief of Staff

Provide strategic support, coordination, and communication across various operational areas. Specifically managing Brand Ambassadors in their Market. Assist in decision-making, resource allocation, and organizational planning. Ensure efficient and effective execution of League objectives.

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