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League of Entrepreneurship


At TheMPACK League of Entrepreneurship, we are an Autonomous Global Network (TMAGN) that brings together entrepreneurs worldwide, spanning diverse backgrounds, industries, and sectors. “A League where the teams don’t compete, they collab!”

Our unique network operates autonomously, allowing members to connect, collaborate, and thrive in a truly borderless entrepreneurial ecosystem. Members “play” in the League via Associated Brands & Causes (ABCs).

Membership Overview

Accessing a Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: 

  • As a member, you gain access into a dynamic network of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and industries.

  • Forge meaningful connections and unlock collaborative opportunities spanning the globe.

Driving Social and Economic Impact:

  • Embrace the principles of social entrepreneurship and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to effect positive change in local and global communities.

  • Collaborate with for-profit, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises to address pressing societal issues.

Supporting Entrepreneurs:

  • We provide valuable acceleration tools such as Time, Resources, or Money (TRM) to fuel your entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Additionally, receive tailored advisory services and expert guidance to navigate challenges and optimize your business strategies.

AAMPlifing Visibility and Awareness:

  • Benefit from our extensive marketing initiatives, including TeamMPACK MAGz worldwide, to AAMPlify your brand presence and reach new audiences.

  • Leverage the power of our network to create awareness and drive engagement for your ventures.

Join The League of Entrepreneurship

Access Membership Benefits

TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network

Connect globally with diverse entrepreneurs from various sectors and industries.


TheMPACK Advisory

Gain priority access to MPACK Advisory which includes 150+ years of combined  experience in multiple industries from our Senior Executive Partners.


Gain access to GroupFunding which represents the funds raised for ABCs in order to expand scaling, operations, and development.

Financial Analyst

Shared Equity Ecosystem x MWORLD Rewards  

Opportunity to Earn VIBs, which represent Equity in TheMPACK Inc.

Receive discounts while Shopping the MPACK Group Marketplace.

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Join TheMPACK League of Entrepreneurship

Let's Work Together


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