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How It Works


TheMPACK Inc was founded in 2003* and has since developed a global network of business partners.
We make early and transformational investments such as time, resources, and capital in Businesses, Brands, and Organizations that not only have the potential to do great things, but are also committed to Making an MPACK in the Community.


Our dedicated team is made up of a proactive network of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Investors who are looking to partner with hard-working, visionary leaders.

*Originally as The M Group

Equity GroupFunding

Equity GroupFunding (CrowdFunding) is the backbone of TheMPACK portal and platform.  The MPACKxCHANGE is a private members only financial exchange for Investors worldwide and gives anyone the opportunity to Make an MPACK (Impact) Investment. Platinum Members also have the option to Pick-a-P/E/V (Project, Event, Venture) in which they specifically fund individual Businesses, Brands, and Dreams!



We have pioneered what we are now calling the “DIP” (Initial Public Option Pool Offering – IPOPO). Giving the community the opportunity to “dip” into the value of our collective and cooperative Public Benefit Corporation. Similar to cryptocurrency and the advent of blockchain technology, we feel as though we are ushering in another shift in the relation to the Public and Private sector. The opportunity is: “hey, make your MPACK, get involved and benefit, as we benefit, take a dip (into our success).”

How? By us offering you a piece of our company via a valued “block” of our Digitalized Intellectual Property – DIP. Our blocks - digitalized shares - are known by the acronym VIB - Valuation Instrument Blocks a/k/a "Value in Brands" - therefore earning equity by owning a portion of the rights to all of the Businesses, Brands, and Organizations owned by TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network!

We believe just like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Giving Opportunity for people to DIP (IPOPO) in the form of Digital Equity will hopefully inspire a movement and platform for other impactful companies and brands to do the same, in an effort to even the playing field, and to simplify the understanding of Global Finance, Business, & Technology with the goal of generating Investment Knowledge and perpetual Wealth Development for generations to come.

“Your Investment is Backed by Our Brands… The return on Investment?
The DREAM Manifested!”




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