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How It All Began

TheMPACK Inc | Group | GMF

TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network

TMAGN - The League of Entrepreneurship

TheMPACK Group - Gold and Platinum Members - consist of the Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Investors who operate and own TheMPACK Autonomous Global Network including all IP created under TheMPACK Inc umbrella. TheMPACK Group operates internationally as the Global Motivator Foundation (GMF) - Social Enterprise | International Charity.

From Shares to VIBs 

In the beginning The ‘M, Group started offering Founders, Family, & Friends (FFF) equity in a traditional financial format, meaning through shares of the company - Class A. This continued into our FFF Class A “Seed Round,” but like with most of our innovation, and maintaining a non-traditional MPACK culture, we have been consistently driven to stay ahead of the curve in Global Finance, Business, & Tech spaces. Therefore in our FFF Class Series A round we began the process of transitioning to Digital Equity by reconfiguring Platinum Members shares into the term VIBs (digitalized blocks of equity in TheMPACK Inc). Our goal via this scaling is to eventually create a culture where VIBs are the only designation for Platinum Members Equity and to no longer use the term “Shareholders.” We are collectively creating positive change and the energy exchange of VIBs!

Currently in our Series A round Platinum Members have the opportunity to refer new Equitable Members (offline) as we have a limited reserved amount of Series A shares still available, before we make the full transition to VIBs. When the MPACKxCHANGE moves out of Beta and offers Private Membership** request online we will enter Class PEGA - Private Equity GroupFunding (Crowdfunding) A - where the starting price of a VIB will be $70* (Post FFF era). Thus commencing our 3rd and final Opening Class Offering with a VIB and Share being synonymous, and thus no longer using the term share when offering equity!


WE created a feeling in the Market. A VIB.  Owned by The Group!


*Minimal Investment of $350 for Platinum Membership which would be 5 VIBs

**Platinum Membership is not open to the public. Platinum Membership is based on referral and approval

by a Senior Executive Partner (SEP)


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