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Start Your MPACK Investing Journey

​Our Platinum Members:

Two Ways to become a Platinum Member (PM) via Time, Resources, Money (TRM)

  • Build or Buy - as part of VBFG% System

    • VIB Block Financial Gain System (VBFG%)

  • Build: Founder/Majority Owners of an Associated Brand & Cause - ABC*

  • Buy:  Minimum $350 Impact Investment

    • *Builders can also Buy into VBFG% and vice versa

  • Active = Co-Operative in Current PEVs

  • InActive = Non Co-Operative in Current PEVs


  1. Welcome Email: Receive a welcome email from TheMPACK, featuring messages from TheMPACK’s EAC (Executive Partners, Senior Directors), and/or MPACK Investors, as part of your MPACK (Impact) Investment Agreement - M(I)A, as well as if a Builder (ABC), a congratulations on acceptance to the League of Entrepreneurship (LOE).

  2. Pick a PEV (Project, Event, or Venture): You will have the opportunity to select a PEV that you would like 50% of your MPACK (Impact) Investment to support (Buyer)

  3. Network Access: By Joining TheMPACK Gain exclusive access to MPACKWORLD UX + personal MxC Profile page connecting you with the League of Entrepreneurship (LOE) - Global Autonomous Network, facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities

  4. League of Entrepreneurship (LOE) - Global Autonomous Network, including TheMReportCompany Update Emails: Receive monthly investor email updates and newsletters, keeping you informed about the latest developments within TheMPACK and the LOE.

  5. MGg. WearMotivation Apparel: Enjoy a 50% discount on all #WearMotivation Apparel & Executive Gifts, showcasing your affiliation with the brand and its mission of empowerment.

  6. MPACK Advisory: Receive an exclusive 50% discount on all MPACK Advisory Bookings, benefiting from expert guidance to drive your entrepreneurial success.

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